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Rune quality and price

Players will use Runes to level their Hero's weapons. To do this, players will need to use The Forge in Town. The Forge is unlocked in the Cemetery campaign. Players will receive more runes by completing campaigns or by purchasing them with gold or gems. Runes come in different qualities ranging from one to five stars. The better quality of Rune, the higher the cost to purchase.  

Icon Name Description
Barrage Rune icon
Barrage Rune Allows Hero to shoot more than one projectile.
Reduce Charge Costs When charged, this Rune reduces the charge cost of each subsequent level. Charge Costs -10%
Consecration Rune Increases attack damage +10%
Deadly Reach  Increases attack range +5%
Soul reaper rune
Soul Reaper If this rune is charged, creeps have a chance to drop extra orbs every time they are hit. 10% chance for 4 Orbs per hit. 
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