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Players will start the game with Jack and will complete short missions to learn how to control and move heroes. Players will learn with Jack how to upgrade skills. Jack's father is Count Necrosis , once a great and noble man until he betrayed everything their family stood for. Now Jack wants revenge. 


Weapon: Crossbow


  • Armor Pierce: Bore through any armor - Enables your bolt to do more damage against armored Creeps. +20% armor pierce per level. 
  • Might: Increases Damage - +10% Attack Damagerper level
  • Quickness: Fast reflexes allow you to shoot rapidly. +5% attack speed per skill level. 
  • Sight: Good eyesight lets you target monsters more accurately. +5% attack range per skill level. 
  • Critical Hit: Enables Jack's bolts to critically hit and do more damage. +2% chance per skill level. +x0.75 damage multiplier per skill level.
  • Ricochet: Jack's bolts have a chance to jump to more Creeps . + 1 multi-hit on levels 3 and 15. +10% ricochet chance.
  • Instant Kill: Jack's bolts gain a chance to instantly kill the target. +1% chance per level.
  • Triple Bolts: Adds a chance to fire 3 bolts at once. +20% chance per level.

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