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Players meet Barrows at the Town Gate campaign. Borrows has lost his wife Eliza and must defeat waves of creatures before he can escape. Completing this campaign unlocks him for other missions. He is slower to move than other heroes, so plan ahead with Barrows.

Weapon: Holy Water

Stronger Against: Skeletons

Weak Against: Vampires

Has an aura that makes nearby heroes stronger


  • Spirit Eyes: Good eyesight lets you target monsters more accurately. +5% attack range per level.
  • Purify: Barrows reduces the Movement Speed of monsters hit by his attacks. +5% speed reduction per level.
  • Power of the Lord: Increases damage. +10% attack damage per skill level.
  • Smite Aura: Barrows presence is inspiring. Adds and Aura that gives other an Attack Damage Bonus. +8% per level.
  • Splash: Projectiles splash on the ground slowing multiple enemies. +10% radius +0.5% duration per level.
  • Godspeed Aura: Adds an Aura giving a Range Bonus to all Heroes within range. +8% range per level.
  • Aura Range Increase: Barrows Aura is significantly larger. Heroes can still benefit from it without being close by. +20% aura range per level
  • Freeze: Barrows' projectiles have a chance to freeze enemies on the spot. +4% chance per level. +0.5 sec duration per level.

Barrows Shrine

Barrows Shrine.png